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Learn About Bariatric Surgery NY

By Della Monroe

Today, millions of people struggle with weight issues. In fact, weight loss is one of the most written about topics in motivation, health and lifestyle books. While it is imperative to maintain a standard weight for your body, losing the excess weight is a hurdle for many people. Some of the turn to bariatric surgery NY for help.

Bariatric or bypass surgery is only carried out for people who meet certain conditions. To begin with, any individual who is considering the procedure should at least have a body mass index of 40. If it is between 35 and 40, they need to have obesity-related health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. In addition to this, the operation should be pursued only as an alternative to other unsuccessful methods of weight loss.

Bariatric operation may seek to limit food intake by reducing the size of the stomach. This kind of operation is known as a band surgery where a small portion of the stomach is cut off. The operation may also seek to compromise digestion of absorption of food by the body. The second type is performed by resecting and re-routing the small intestines into a small stomach pouch.

Surgical operations involving interfering with the absorption or digestion of food material are performed by resecting and re-routing the ileum to a stomach pouch. Any of the surgical procedures may be used. However, the choice of method is at the discretion of the surgeon depending on experience, medical and surgical history of the patient while factoring in concerns of these patients.

Two weeks after this surgical procedure, the patient must feed on liquid or blended foods. Their gastrointestinal tracts cannot digest solid foods at this stage. The meals should comprise of proteins as sugars and carbohydrates are prohibited. In addition, the quantity must be monitored because too much will induce vomiting. Life-long multivitamins must be prescribed to replace vitamins lost.

The operation just like any other medical procedure has its risks. It may result in unsatisfactory weight loss. There is no guarantee that one will experience drastic weight loss the way they imagined it. In addition, there is a risk of developing infections, blood clots, and hermias. Stitches may separate causing additional agony.

Regardless of the above risks, the operation has a success rate of at least eighty percent. Results are expected within a time frame of between two and three years. Most people experienced reduced obesity-related comorbidities and became less dependent on medication. However, the success rate may be dependent on the patient, the type of operation and the lifestyle adopted post-operation.

Bypass surgery is not a ticket to a carefree life. There is a risk of gaining post operation weight. Therefore, one must be cautious about what they eat. Individuals who have undergone the cut must live healthy lifestyles through eating balanced meals, physical activity, and positive mental attitudes. Additionally, they should demonstrate dedication and psychological change towards their new lifestyles to sustain it for the long haul.

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Really Effective Metabolism Boosters For Women Minus The Pill

By Daphne Bowen

Having a speedy metabolic rate is one of the secrets to shedding off unwanted poundage easily and effectively. If it's sluggish, not only will you feel less energetic but you will also have a hard time attaining your dream figure. Fortunately, there are all-natural metabolism boosters for women that allow for an accelerated conversion of fat and calories to energy. What's so nice about these methods is they spare you from the need to swallow an expensive pill that may cause all sorts of side effects and even put your health in some form of danger.

Have a well-balanced diet. Dieting will only cause your metabolic rate to considerably slow down. This will make it really difficult to attain your ideal weight. Instead, you should include more healthy foods in your diet and eliminate the bad ones.

Opt for organic food products. Based on some studies, certain pesticides used in farming fruits and vegetables may cause the metabolism to slow down. When at the supermarket, make sure that the product in your hand is organically grown or produced before you place it in your shopping cart.

Eat spicy foods. Increased body temperature and excessive sweating are signs that spices make your metabolic rate spike. According to the experts, spicy foods also help in boosting your immunity and lower your risk of cancer.

Drink green tea. This beverage is packed with beneficial antioxidants that help ward off cancer and slow down the process of aging. Because green tea contains a small amount of caffeine, it helps speed up your metabolic rate. There are also catechins in the beverage. These are antioxidants known to help burn molecules of fat in the body.

Have a cup of coffee. It's no secret that caffeine found in coffee is a nervous system stimulant. This is why consuming coffee can make you feel energetic. Drinking it allows you to burn extra calories and fat for a few hours.

Sleep 7-8 hours per night. Sleep deprivation is bad for both body and mind. It also keeps you from attaining the figure of your dreams. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling really hungry the morning after. Also, it may cause your metabolism to dip, making it extra hard for you to slim down.

Exercise on a regular basis. Nothing can make your metabolic rate spike more than exercising for 20 to 60 minutes a day. Walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming and playing badminton are wonderful exercises that help you drop unwanted poundage. Fitness experts say that you should exercise for at least 5 times a week to get the full range of benefits.

Build lean muscles. At any given time of the day, muscles burn calories. It's exactly for this reason why you should build some lean muscles. Worry not because it's virtually impossible for a woman like you to grow really huge muscles without the aid of high doses of muscle building supplements.

Keep your body hydrated. Not drinking enough water can cause your metabolism to become really sluggish. Consider drinking ice-cold water each time. Your body will have to burn calories just to bring back your core temperature to normal.

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Some Facts On Gastric Banding Surgery Ny Patients Need To Know

By Della Monroe

Dietary restriction and physical exercise are regard the most effective conservative modalities of weight loss. However, these modalities do not yield the desired results and more invasive options are required. Various types of surgeries are now being tried in Suffern. If they intend to undergo gastric banding surgery ny residents need to know a number of things concerning the procedure.

To perform the surgery, an instrument known as a laparoscope is used. Three ports of entry are created in the anterior abdominal wall. One of these entry points is used for the placement of a camera. Images are transmitted from the surgical field onto a monitor. This is what guides the surgeon on what to do. A small silicon based band is placed on the upper part of the stomach so as to compress it and to reduce its volume.

Since the stomach size is reduced, less volume of food can be held and the individual starts getting early satiety. The band is usually connected to a plastic tube that is accessible from underneath the skin. Sterile saline is pumped through the tube when there is a need to increase the tension and removed when more volume is desired. This makes it easier to individualize the treatment and also helps in the management of side effects.

This operation is suitable for persons that have a high body mass index of more than 40. If they also have weight related diseases and medical conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea or hypertension, a lower body mass index of about 35 is permissible. This is because the surgery tends to improve the symptoms that are associated with these conditions. The candidates must first try conservative methods before considering the surgery.

There are a number of situations in which the procedure is contraindicated. One of them is when it is deemed have an excessive risk to the patient. This may happen when there is an underlying hormonal problem that has not been properly treated such as hypothyroidism. Gastrointestinal tract diseases such as peptic ulcers, esophagitis and inflammatory bowel disease may be worsened by the procedure and proper caution should therefore be undertaken.

You have to be properly prepared before you are considered for surgery. Part of the preparation includes doing a number of blood tests. Patients that are pregnant can also benefit from this procedure. All that is required is that they should be in good nutritional status.

For the operation to succeed, it should be complemented with other weight loss modalities. You will need to start taking a proper diet and engaging in regular physical exercises. The modifications in the diet are in most cases, lifelong. It is also important that you sign up for regular follow up visits. These visits will be used by tour doctor to establish whether progress is being made or not.

The options that can be used for weight loss are many. Gastric bands are among the most commonly use options today. The rise in popularity is attributable to the ease of placement as well as the effectiveness in weight reduction. It is important that all the benefits and risks are discussed at length with the surgeon before the operation is performed. This helps in the making of more informed decisions.

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Some Tips On How To Speed Up Metabolism During Menopause

By Daphne Bowen

There are many changes, both physical and psychological that take place during the period of menopause. While some of these changes are almost unnoticed, others are very dramatic and bothersome. Weight loss is one of the changes that has been reported by a large number of women approaching this period. The two main causes for this problem appears to be a reduction in general physical activity and reduced estrogen levels. Here is how to speed up metabolism during menopause.

Conservative treatment options have to be attempted first before considering the invasive interventions. The rate of metabolism is closely related to the energy requirement by body tissues which is in turn related to the rate of physical activity. This means that by increasing your daily physical activity will help increase the rate of metabolism. Thirty minutes of intense physical activity for at least three days in a week is good enough.

Hormone replacement therapy has the advantage of taking care of many other problems besides the metabolic disorder. Estrogen and progesterone are usually administered together so as to archive the necessary hormonal balance. There are no hard and fast rules as relates to the duration of therapy of this is mainly determined by the initial severity of symptoms. Your doctor will typically carry out routine tests so as to monitor your hormonal levels.

The effects of estrogen in hormone replacement are two fold; to increase the metabolic rate and to influence the distribution of fat. In the presence of the hormone, fat is predominantly deposited around the hips, thighs and buttocks which is a desirable effect for many women. In its absence or deficiency, fat deposition takes place mainly around the abdominal area.

Proper weight control during the menopausal period is associated with many benefits. The amount of cholesterol is reduced and this in turn helps to reduce the risk of contracting non communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Low cholesterol also reduces the number of strokes and heart attack events. Other diseases whose risk is reduced include colon cancer, diverticular disease and kidney disease.

Adequate sleep is important. Contrary to popular opinion, being awake for long hours does not increase the metabolic rate. Enough sleep does. Studies indicate that there is about 5% reduction in the rate whenever a night of sleep is missed. Ensure that you sleep between seven and eight hours. A better rate of metabolism will improve your quality of sleep.

Different types of foods are broken down at different rates. Proper dietary habits include eating smaller frequent meals as opposed to large few meals. The frequent meals ensure that the breakdown mechanism remains active at all times. When the levels of glucose in blood reduce, a hormone known as cortisol is released from the brain. This hormone leads to muscle breakdown as an alternative source of glucose. The effect of all these activities is reduced muscle mass and metabolic rate.

As age catches up with us, many things happen to our bodies. Slowing down of metabolism is one of these changes. It is seen in a significant number of women in menopause. This effect is mainly attributed to reducing levels of estrogen hormone. Lifestyle changes are an important intervention that can be undertaken by affected persons. Hormone replacement therapy is another popularly used treatment.

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Easy And Efficient Weight Reduction Strategy

By Alfred Turner

A Pound-Shedding Strategy That Makes Sense and Isn't Hard to Execute

Many people can attest that losing weight is nowhere near as easy as gaining it; weight loss is harder because it usually requires a level of discipline and focus to counteract habits. It is a struggle a lot of folk go through, most especially because many simply do not know how to start and what to look out for. Here is a simple guide to help you find the optimal strategy for your weight-loss journey.

Get rid of or decrease sugar consumption

The body makes use sugars for both voluntary and spontaneous activities. Sugar intake is part of everyone's life, however a lot of people is not aware that almost all the food that they consume everyday are packed with too many sugars. When the calories from the sugars in our food are not burned, they tend to build up thus, fat accumulates. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should avoid or minimize sugar intake, even breads.

Have a balanced intake of proteins and greens

A balanced consumption does not necessarily mean equal weights of meat and veggies, it simply means that there must be a constant presence of proteins and produce at all times, in portions that are not too big. Proteins are found in many other food types such as spinach, fish, poultry, dairy products, and the like and do not mean there should be strong meat consumption.


Exercise entails an overall full-body usage; not at one time, if you please. A variety of exercises can be a good option, so ask your trainer to draw you up an exercise plan. Exercise should contain aerobic activities and strength training; this is how bodies get toned to athletic shape. Aerobic exercises are responsible for the active burning of fat while strength training is responsible for making muscles get more used to more strenuous levels of activity, improving strength and thus positively affecting balance and power. Passive burning of fat is also attributed to strength training.

Relax and recuperate

Napping and relaxing is an underestimated weight-loss regime. Sleeping and resting regularly allow the body a mode of recovery, release hormones that rejuvenates the body, system improvement and making sure that the metabolic process in a person's body is doing great. Sleeping and resting reduces stress and make the system to function well, thereby promoting weight reduction.

Anyone can continue a weight-loss regime at home with these simple tips. You have to keep in mind that in every struggle, you will need self - control and determination in order to succeed and win the battle towards weight reduction. Healthy living also connotes positive disposition in life and this is manifested only by people who are healthy. Healthier lifestyle, happier life.

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Details Regarding Menopause And Slow Metabolism

By Daphne Bowen

At some stage in life, women are expected to go through menopause. This is the medical terminology used to describe the months that follow the final menstrual cycle. It is the last stage of the female reproductive system and often occurs in women who fall between the ages of 40s and 50s. There is no exact age in which this is expected to begin, but there are certain signs that can indicate that it has started. Menopause and slow metabolism often go hand in hand. Many women may gain weight during this stage in life because of the slowed metabolism and all other symptoms associated with menopause.

This is a biological and natural process. It will occur in women who are healthy and of age. This experience will differ by person and many factors. Certain signs, some which are not favorable, will indicate that this stage in life has begun.

Menopause is a marker of the end of the fertile period in a woman. Still, a person can be healthy, sexual and vital in years that follow. Some people accept this period in time with ease because it is a time free of pregnancy concerns and a monthly period.

Some of the symptoms are not as desirable. Hot flashes and other physical problems might arise. Women are also expected to be more emotional during this process, frequently dealing with feelings of sadness, anxiety and loss.

This is different for all people. Most will experience perimenopause. That is, signs of menopause that develop in the months and years leading up to the actual event. Some of the signs and symptoms associated with these stages: irregular periods, dry skin, thinning hair, loss of fullness in breasts, vaginal dryness, night sweats, weight gain, slow metabolism, hot flashes, mood changes, and difficulty sleeping. It is not uncommon for women to experience multiple symptoms at once.

There are many ways that a slower metabolism can impact a woman. Metabolism is defined as the bodily process in which food and drink consumed is turned to energy. Even when the body resists, it is necessary for it to have energy to carry out processes like cell repair, breathing and circulation of blood. The amount of calories necessary for proper function of the body is known as basal metabolic rate and may differ based on age, body size and composition, and sex.

Menopausal patients might note that they have trouble losing weight and easily gain it. The pounds might add up, even if their diet has not changed. Usually the extra weight focuses in areas where it was never before, which is often the midsection for women. Cracked skin, cellulite, intense sugar cravings and dry hair are other signs of a slow metabolism and menopause.

People going through this stage should work with their doctors. Preventative care is important and includes colonoscopy, thyroid tests, mammography, breast exams and pelvic exams. It is recommended that women take supplements or otherwise ensure that they have the minerals and vitamins necessary to reduce the weight gain and other symptoms associated with this condition. A balanced diet, management of stress and regular exercise might also help.

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Healthy Eating Leads To Safe And Effective Slimming Down

By Kameal L. Anderson

Becoming healthy and staying that way involves numerous important things. One of them is minding what you eat. Aside from nourishing your body, healthy eating also allows you to look phenomenal. It's for the fact that it requires you to consume products that supplies vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. It also saves you from anything that can put your well-being in peril.

So many people who like to remove unwanted pounds reach for supplements. The manufacturers of so many of these products claim to make you slimmer without much effort on your part and in just a few days. These supplements are attention-grabbers due to the heavy marketing and sensationalized claims. Because of these approaches, a lot of consumers think that taking supplements is vital.

The problem with majority of these products is they don't really work. When you go online to research, you will find that much of their ingredients and various claims are not backed up by medical experts. Getting your hands on these capsules, pills and powders is a complete waste of your time and money. You may take them all you want and still fail to attain the expected weight loss.

A lot of appetite suppressants, metabolic rate enhancers and fat burners contain substances that should make you raise an eyebrow. It's not unlikely for these ingredients to cause dizziness, headaches and increased sweating. You may even end up with high blood pressure and heart palpitations. Having a medical condition and taking these supplements can definitely endanger your life.

Rather than get your hands on various supplements that are purported to help you shed off excess pounds, it's a better idea to simply focus your attention on healthy foods that are guaranteed to help you slim down, according to medical and fitness experts themselves. They are easier on your pocket than any pricey supplement. More importantly, they contain nothing that can endanger your life.

Meals comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables are highly effective for the elimination of too much poundage that takes away your self-confidence and endangers your various organs. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals that nourish your entire body. They also contain powerful antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals as well as slow down the process of aging.

Eating them on a regular basis helps you shed off unwanted weight because they are low in calories. Many of them do not contain any fat. Dietary fiber in fruits and veggies help you become slimmer as is fills up your stomach and prevents you from eating a lot. When adding animal-protein to your diet, go for fish, lean meat cuts, and chicken or turkey breast with the skin removed.

Working out regularly is very important too. Fortunately, you really don't have to get a subscription at an expensive gym. You may get the desired result simply by walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, bicycling or playing badminton. Fitness experts say that you should workout at least 5 times weekly, and each session should last for not less than 20 minutes. By eating properly and working out regularly, the intake of slimming supplements can be avoided.

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5 Advantages Of A Laser Lipo You Will Definitely Like

By Nancy Gardner

Having a manly or womanly figure would surely boost a person self esteem. However, not all individuals in the world are sexy and slimmer enough. Moreover, a big and fat body will only disgrace a persons ego. That is why many of them decided to undergo an operation. A medical surgery is maybe the right hope they can rely on.

The role of technology greatly changed our lives in so many ways. A laser lipo miami lakes are contemplated as one of the good things that technology has offered to mankind. A lot of people undergo in this one because they think its far more effective than other alternatives. Moreover, this kind of invention provides many benefits.

Correct result. Anticipate your dream body after the surgery has done and for sure you will be happy. Moreover, many reliable and expert doctors assure that they hit the target fats perfectly. You would be able to walk with composure and confidence. Truly, the role of technology has made our lives brighter and happier.

Smoother outcome. By indulging in this, you would not able to see lines in your stomach. These lines are often visible, especially if a person underwent pregnancy. Thus, the use of this liposuction has made the lives of women and men more happier. Also, it would help you to reduce stress from too much exercising and tedious workouts.

Speedy recovery. Unlike with other medical process, the laser liposuction has been chosen by many because of the short span of time on its procedure. So you can still do other things. The best about this is that you will achieve minimal injuries. Therefore, there will be no need for you to feel the pain and agony.

Minimal scars. The scars are some matters which many people, especially women would be concerned about it. Also, scars are not the kind of thing that would let a person to have in his or her body. Just imagine those bulgy and bizarre looks of it. Having no or less scars is one reason why individuals prefer to undergo liposuction.

It can reduce surgical trauma. It might be a big shock to you to find this one out. But, believe it because its truly proven safe. Its because this kind of operation does not need to slice your body just to get the fats. All you need to do is just to lie down and the laser will be placed in your stomach without the ache.

Its better to seek for the best medical practitioner you can rely into. Just make sure to find the one before its too late for you to whine. Its best to be safe then regret afterward. Carefully make a decision which you will not regret.

This type of liposuction has many perks to provide to the people. But, be aware of its price because it might not be friendly for all. Assess your expenses and budget before you try this. Most importantly, prepare yourself for anything.

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Dealing With Wellness Coaches The Right Way

By Nancy Gardner

If we think of happy things, we become happy. If we think we are too sad, then having that awful feeling will automatically take its part. Of course, we do not want that to happen. We always want to be happy in some ways.

No matter what we do, there are still cases that we become sad. The thing that we can do about it is to try to convert that bad feeling to something good. This is where wellness coaches in Boston can help. They know on how to turn your life to a happy one and something like that. To be aware of every aspect you can think of, here are tips that will help you with this.

Primarily, be certain that goals are already set. Of course, we are aiming to be happy, but if you just focus on that and not do anything on how to get on with that plan, then that would be senseless still. To create a good goal, you should be specific with it. For sure, the information you can go for require tons of revision or something of that sort.

We all have our own reasons on why we wish to attain this kind of level of happiness. Of course, most of it are for the benefit of your life. However, you should not stop from that. Try to open up your mind and consider every possible aspect that might be able to help you determine which one really needs communication and something like that.

Taking it slow is very crucial to the things that we can get out hands into. However, there are cases where we want the results to immediate for some reason. We know for the fact that you wish yourself to be well as soon as possible, but this is not done just like that. There are certain process that needs to tackling into and some changes that needs examining.

Feedback can also be determined as your main advantage. By searching the web and seeking out forums that focuses on this matter, getting some first hand information from their past clients is just in the tip of your finger. There are times that those points will give you the basic details in the safest way possible. Just walk your way through and see what happens.

It is important to be patient with the things that can happen during the procedure. There can be times that you will most likely give up because you seem like there is nothing happening on your end. Actually, there is, however, you are trying to control yourself to not believe with the effects that it gives thus hindering you in the process.

The cost of every session can surely change depending on the company you settle in. If you want to focus on your budget and not go overboard with it as much as you can, then it is best to just wait for the right time and purchase it whenever you have the money already.

In most cases, you have to be aware of every single detail we wish to settle into. Be certain with your goals you have in mind and seek out for help whenever you had the chance.

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